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Chatous – Ever think of dating online? Well in old times we played games on our computer, listened to music, downloaded and read books, played online games. But some specific platforms formed for online dating which introduced only after 2005. It’s since then, people are spending more time in front of the digital screen and finding themselves someone special.

Online dating is easy and most of the times free. Most of the platforms don’t charge you to chat online with someone, or video call anyone. You can use the basic features of almost every website for free. But the thing is, there are many and choosing one of them is hard. Hence to make the work easy, we are discussing one such platform, Chatous.


Chatous is an online social dating platform. It has brilliant compatibility which makes it suitable for use on both computers and smartphones. It is free to use. Using this, you can communicate with random people across the world.

Chatous was developed in 2012. Over time it has gained massive popularity and is one of the popular dating applications in the market.

In case you are a bit specific in selecting and communicating, this app will help you with that too. You can perform specific searches as you can search for people based on their gender, location, etc.

Features Of Chatous

After getting short info, you must be wondering, what more can Chatous random chat do for you. Well, there is a lot more than simply chatting on Chatous.

Advanced search results: It produces some redefined search results. For example, if you are a lot picky kind of nature then you can use these advanced search filters present on the platform. Using these filters, you can search for a person meeting your needs, for instance, if you want to speak to a specific gender. Or you want someone from your local area. You can edit the search settings as per your requirement and you can search for the one meeting your interests.

Free: Yes Chatous is free to use. You can use the app’s basic features like communicating with strangers for free. You don’t need to pay for anything. However, for advanced features, you may need to have a subscription. The details for subscription plans are discussed in the article later on. However, the basic functions can be used for free.

Safe: Yes, Chatous chat with new people is safe and reliable. Its administrators are highly attentive to any unusual behavior and take strict action against any such malicious user. Apart from high safety from spammers, there are also extra settings. Using these, you can control your privacy.

Cross-platform compatibility: One of the best things about Chatous is, it is available on every platform. Hence you can use it on desktop, laptops, smartphones, everywhere. For smartphones based on iOS and Android devices, they can use it in the form of applications and get updates related to their profile anywhere.

Easy: Chatous random chat app is super easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface. It doesn’t contain many complicated menus. You can perform all the tasks very easily.

Stay anonymous: It allows you to remain unknown on the app. You can configure the settings for the same on the Chatous platform.

Chatous Random Chat App On App Store

Using this is easy. Anyone can use the platform simply by just following the on-screen instructions. However, we are providing here a step by step guide to help you out with sign up, and the first-time usage of the app.

As discussed, Chatous is highly compatible. This being said, it is available on the website, and application as well. You can install Chatous in the form of an application on your smartphone. It is available on both iOS and Android. Users can however use it in the form of a website too.

How To Create a Chatous Account

Creating an account on Chatous is no big deal. Just follow some easy steps and you are done.

  • To begin with, open it either on your desktop or your phone.
  • Now on the homepage, you see a create an account button. Click on it.
  • You will land on a new page.
  • Enter the email address you want to register on Chatous.
  • Choose the password you want to use for the platform.
  • Note that, you must remember the email address and password to login in the future in the account.
  • A verification email must be there on your registered email account. Please check and verify the email.
  • Finally, you have a Chatous account now.

How to use Chatous Random Chat

This section discusses in detail how you can use Chatous to connect with people after creating an account.

  • To begin chatting with anyone, simply click on Start New Chat.
  • After this, you will be able to chat with a random person. The system itself pairs you up with a stranger.
  • If you like you continue to chat with the other person.
  • In case you don’t wish to continue, you may click on the End Chat button present on the top right corner of the screen. Once you end the chat with the current person, you will see an option of New.
  • Clicking on the New button will connect you with the next random person present on the website.

Chatous Subscription Plans

Basic features of it are used for free. But some features of the platform require you to pay subscription charges to use all the features.

  • Subscription fees range from $0.99 to $199.99

Why choose Chatous

Chatous comes with all the basic features to be accessed for free. It is easy to use and comes with additional attractive features. For instance, you can remain anonymous on Chatous.

Chatous  Alternatives

After reading about Chatous, we are sure that if you too are amongst the dating category you would give the platform a try. Well, you should because it is one of the trending and well-known apps amongst the young generation.

However, our current dating market is so full of all the dating apps that it becomes difficult to choose. Hence we advise that you put your hands on these platforms as well so that you get the best out of what is present in the market.

Dating Apps Similar To Chatous Application

Amino: Amino is an online dating platform. Using this, you can get in touch with random people throughout the world.

ChatHub: ChatHub is a free to use platform. It is an online dating social platform. Here you can meet new people and make new connections. You can use various face filters and search options to make the best out of ChatHub.

MeowChat: Available on both iOS and android, MeowChat is a great place. Here you can meet new people and chat with them. If you are a bit introvert, then you can turn on the settings and let only your real friends message you.

FaceChat: FaceChat lets you communicate to random people online through online going live chat rooms. To use FaceChat, you don’t need to register a login Id and password. You can chat in your local language. It’s completely free to use.

People Also Ask On Chatous

Can I stay anonymous on Chatous?

Yes, Chatous allows you to stay anonymous.

How do I improve my search?

You can use various search filters available on Chatous to search for someone who meets your interests.

What are the subscription fees on Chatous?

Subscription fees range from $0.99 to $199.99 on Chatous.

What if I don’t want to communicate with a stranger any further?

You can end communication with another stranger when you don’t like to carry things forward.

What do I do to make my experience on Chatous safer?

You can turn on additional privacy settings on Chatous to enhance your experience on the platform

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