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As you may have noticed, online dating is in trend. Every day either the new applications are being developed or the old ones gain massive popularity day by day. In total, when it comes to choosing a single platform, one may get confused.

Well we are here to clear the clouds of doubt. Today in this article we are discussing one of the trending online dating applications, Chatstep. It is an easy to use online dating platform through which you can talk to strangers and develop new connections with them.


Chatstep is an online dating platform that doesn’t require you to register yourself on their platform. Using this feature, one can chat with other random people with ease, without investing any time and effort in building a profile.

Chatstep allows its users to remain anonymous while they are chatting. This is because the website doesn’t require you to register yourself as a member. Now, you can talk to anyone with any username. Hence they will never come to know about who you are unless you actually tell them.

Chatstep allows you to create individual chatting rooms. When you are communicating with someone, you can text to them or send them pictures to better express yourself.

Features of Chatstep

Wandering what makes Chatstep one of the chart toppers in online dating platforms? Well here are some features of the application that make the app this popular.

  • Easy to use interface: Chatstep is an easy to use application. It comes with less number of options. Everything present on the website is minimalistic and clearly arranged. This lets the user choose the desired option easily without any hassle. The website’s servers are pretty reliable ones and keep updating themselves on the same. Then too if you face some difficulty, contact the support team straight away. Once you login using your credentials, you come across three options namely Join, Public and Create. You may choose any of these three options and begin your task.
  • Stay anonymous: To start using Chatstep, you need to provide minimal details like Username, email id, and a password. Once you sign up using these details, you can begin using the platform to chat with users. Now, you can create your own private chat rooms and communicate with people. Here, it is not necessary to upload a profile picture. Also to stay anonymous, you can choose a random username.
  • Free to use: To use Chatstep, you are not required to pay anything. Chatstep is totally free and all the features are available to everyone. Hence to use any specific feature, you don’t need to pay a single penny.

Chatstep Best Features

  • Variety of chat rooms: To chat with a user, one can create a chat room. These rooms aren’t normal like the other platform, they are themed ones. To use an already created chat room, you aren’t required to register yourself, you can simply start chatting anonymously without registering.
  • Genuine platform: Chatstep is totally a genuine platform. The company doesn’t earn anything from unauthorized accounts, which guarantees the absence of fake accounts. However, there are still scammers who are on the system. Hence one can not be sure of the fact that the user is chatting with a robot or a scammer.
  • Easy registration: Registering on Chatstep is easy and time efficient. There are two methods to register on Chatstep. Platform allows you to use either without registering or making a registration after verifying your email Id.

How to install Chatstep Free

Chatstep is not an android application. The reason being,  Chatstep was developed very long ago and back then, there was no option for smartphones, only internet websites were prevalent. Hence it is not available on android or iOS devices. However if you want to use the platform, you can do so by visiting the website.

Simply go to your desktop and open the official website.  Now if you are an existing user then you may login using your login details. If you’re a new one then you may follow the below mentioned steps to set up the account for first time usage.

How To Sign up for Chatstep Free Online

Here is a step by step plan that may help you from scratch to set up the account and use it for the first time chatting.

  • If you are an existing user then you may straight away either use the method for accessing the platform anonymously or login using your login credentials. However, if you are a new person, then the website allows you two methods to login.
  • The first one being accessing the website anonymously. If you use this method, you do not need to provide any detail, simply chat with people by joining any existing public chat room. Note that you may not be able to use many features of the website if you don’t register. For example, you can’t create your own private chat room if you access the website anonymously.
  • The second method is to create an account and then start chatting. We recommend this method. This is because the complete features of the website are available for registered users only. Plus it is a 5-minute step.
  • To create an account, provide your email address, the desired password, and a username.
  • After providing the above details, look for a verification mail in your registered email id. Complete the verification process to complete the signup process.
  • Once you are done with the signup process, you may log in to your account by using the login credentials.
  • Use the create button to start a private chat room.

Chatstep Subscription plans

As mentioned earlier, chatstep is completely free to use. There is no subscription service. This means you can use all the features without paying anything.

Why To choose Chatstep

Chatstep is an easy to use platform. It is free to use and has a simple interface. Since it is completely free, a large number of crowd is already there on the platform. Hence if you register or create your own chat room, you get to come across a huge community of people. There is no subscription service on the platform which means, you will be able to use every feature without paying anything.

Chatstep Alternatives

While Chatstep is an old and trusted platform, new websites offering chat rooms are launching everyday with many features. While you are using Chatstep, we suggest you go through these platforms as well.

  • Shockrooms: Shockrooms is one of the popular chat room platforms. Users don’t need to download any application for using the platform. Simply visit the website and start chatting. The website provides an option for logging in as a guest and starts chatting. The best part is, it provides the option for video chat and text chat.
  • E-chat: E-chat is a website that allows users to chat over the internet. Just like Shockrooms and Chatstep, E-chat too doesn’t require any download. Users may register themselves and start chatting by creating their own chat rooms. The best thing that makes it a popular platform is the fact that you don’t need to install a plugin to use E-chat.

Chatstep Similar Websites

  • Chatzy: Chatzy is yet another online chatting platform. It allows users to create chat rooms without any restrictions. Users may not even register themselves to use the platform. One can create a chat room and invite others to join. Other users may not be able to join the chat room if they are not having the invitation.
  • Bit Chat: Bit Chat is one of the best chat platforms present in the market. It provides end to end encryption while people are chatting. This ensures that your security is their topmost priority.
  • Zobe: Zobe is one of the popular online chatting platforms available. It has some additional features which make your regular chat a lot more interesting.

Peopleo Ask On Chatstep

Can Chatstep be used on mobile phones?

No. Chatstep currently has no version available to use on mobile phones. This means, android and iOS device users can not use the platform in the form of mobile application. However, if you want, you can browse the website version on your mobile device by opening it in the internet browser.

Is Chatstep safe?

Yes. Chatstep is completely safe to use. It makes sure that scammers are miles away from the platform. Moderators perform their duty really well in regulating the website. However despite these efforts, scammers and bots can’t still be kept away. Hence if you come across any scammer, you may contact customer support.

Is it free to use?

Yes. Chatstep is completely free to use. No money is required to pay for browsing the platform.

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