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Using an online dating platform is something that almost everyone has done. But not all of us come across a good platform easily. Hence, today we bring you a review on one such dating platform, Joingy. This review discusses all the features of the platform. Here you can check if Joingy meets your needs.


Joingy is a free to use website that is made for online dating. Here one can meet new users instantly by the method of random chatting. It allows users to stay anonymous and chat with strangers without letting out much information. One can use this Joingy webroulette if he is 13 years old or more than that then you can use the platform easily.

Features Of Joingy Webcam roulette

As discussed earlier, Emerald Chat is becoming one of the growing platforms for online dating. It is completely free to use and that is one of the main reasons for its popularity. However, there are more factors behind its wide usage.

  • Anonymous Chatting: This feature of Joingy lets you stay unknown to others. You may use this if you don’t wish to reveal your identity while communicating with others.
  • Random Chat: Random chat features connect you with other people automatically. The system itself runs a search through its database and connects you with people automatically.
  • Text and video chat: There are two modes available for you to connect with others on Joingy. You can either choose to talk through texting or video calling. It’s completely your call.
  • Large database of users: There are numerous users on Joingy. It is growing day by day. And it is being used largely by people all across the globe. Hence on Joingy dating app, you come across millions of people.
  • User-friendly interface: Joingy has a user-friendly interface. It has been designed such that it becomes easy for users to use the platform to communicate with strangers.
  • Free to use: Joingy random chat app     is completely free to use. This means you can use all the features, without paying anything.
  • Notifications: It has notifications that appear on your desktop or your mobile. This helps you to keep a track of all new that has happened since you last left the platform.

How to use Joingy Random Chat

Using Joingy is super easy. Joingy is platform friendly. It can be used on both PC and Android and iOS devices. Users can visit the website on the PC or download the application from the respective app store and install the application. After installation, follow these steps:

  • There is no need to create a profile on the platform. One can use Joingy without creating an account, simply by just logging in as a guest user.
  • Or if you wish to create an account, you can click on the signup button for the same.
  • People don’t reveal much about them on such platforms so Joingy chat app has no dedicated search option for searching people. However, for those who are present online, users can connect with them by clicking on their profile. Click on the message icon or video chat icon to begin chatting.
  • Users can also chat with people according to their interests, for instance, if you are single or a teenager, you can type in the search for single, or Teenager. After this, you will be matched with people who meet your interests.

Joingy Video Chat Subscription Plans

Joingy is completely free to use. Joingy doesn’t differentiate among its users and makes sure that every feature is available to all the users. Since it is free to use, it has no subscription Plans.

Why choose Joingy?

Joingy Random online chat is an online dating social platform that is free to use. Its user-friendly interface is one of the reasons why it is a growing platform. It has an option for anonymous chatting which lets you chat with others while remaining anonymous simultaneously.

Joingy Alternatives

Joingy remains one of the loved online dating platforms. But other platforms are also no less than better. You must try them as well. Here are some of them:

  • Flingster: Flingster is an adult chatting website. It has both free and paid versions of the website. Video calling comes in for free. Also, there is no verification required to create an account and start chatting. Users need to just provide an email address and gender.
  • ChatRandom: ChatRandom comes in both mobile and desktop versions. It connects users with others in a random manner like a roulette. Users can video call with other users for free and connect with the users instantly.  One can also select the gender and location of the stranger with whom you would like to connect. Before chatting, you must provide your gender as well.
  • TinyChat: TinyChat is as old as 2000. It was developed two decades and is growing even today. It has become one of the popular dating sites. It has features of voice calling, along with texting and video calling.

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