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Online dating is taking the market like anything. People of the age group 18-25 are major users of such platforms. People now prefer to meet people online first, before meeting them face to face. And this has made the app market-dominant with such apps.

Due to such a high need, everyday new apps are being developed. The old ones which gained massive popularity are still working to their efficiency and the ones who failed are no more in existence. In such a large pool of online dating platforms, it is a nut cracking job to find the application which is just the right one for you.

Well to make this task a cakewalk for you, we are here. We will discuss Omegle, one such online dating platform. Omegle is another free platform which allows online dating a lot easier.


As discussed earlier, Omegle is a popular chatting platform used for online dating. Developed in 2015, the platform was initially providing chat features only through text message. But as the chatting website gained popularity,  the platform introduced a video calling feature too.

Now, one can communicate with strangers either through text chat or video call them and connect with them instantly. One can simply start chatting without even registering, which means you can keep your identity secret. Also, the application is completely free which means you pay nothing to benefit from the platform. To know more about Omegle read further.

Features of Omegle

Omegle is one of the popular chat room platforms present there. Its features make it more preferred one than the rest in the market. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Connect easily: Omegle can be used on any platform. That being said, you can connect with strangers using any device, either your desktop, mobile phone, iPad, any device. In case the mobile application is not compatible with your smartphone then you can use the website to connect with people.
  • Chat room: Omegle allows you to create a chat room. All you have to do is, decide upon a unique name. Enter a secret code and create a chat room. You can edit the settings of this chat room and make it compatible for yourself. This space is completely yours and you can use it to chat with anyone.
  • Meet new people: Once you have created a chat room, you can invite anyone you want. Yes that is right, you can send an e-invite and invite anyone on the platform. Note the person who wants to join your chatroom must be having the invitation. No one without it can join. Now you are ready to talk to anyone you want.
  • Video chat: Omegle in 2013 introduced the video calling feature on its platform. That being said, you can chat with anyone through the video call instead of text chat. The platform however allows both mode of chatting, video and text.

More Other Best features Of Omegle

  • Text chat: Just like other chatting platforms, Omegle too offers the feature of online text chatting. You can express yourself by using text, emoticons, etc. Apart from basic texting, there are additional features in text chat.
  • Chat for free: Omegle chatting platform is completely free to use. You don’t need to pay a single penny to chat on the website. Just start chatting without paying any fees.
  • High quality video calls: Though Omegle is completely free to use, it makes sure you don’t compromise on the chat quality. Hence they provide best quality video calls so that your communication doesn’t compromise.
  • Chat without registering: Omegle doesn’t require you to register on their website. Simply go to the website and start chatting with a stranger. You don’t need to register yourself to communicate with any user. Simply go to the website, create a chat room and send the invitation. Those who have your invitation or accept it will be able to join the chat room and communicate.
  • Advanced chatting options: Omegle offers some really cool highly developed chatting options. That being said, it offers two chat options namely Normal Chat mode and Spy mode. In the former one, you can talk about anything to anyone you wish to. In the latter one, you can ask any question but can’t talk to strangers directly. However, you may read the conversation between people upon the same question.
  • Reliable: Omegle tries to ensure that their users are protected against any fraud. Hence, they introduced captcha verification to be passed to use the chatroom. This makes sure that robots are not able to use the platform.

How to install Omegle

Omegle cannot be used on smartphone devices as the form of application. It can be used in the form of an app only on computer devices. Hence if you own a desktop, MAC OS, Linux computer, you can install the application and use the same. Or you can open the website and browse the website. Here are steps for both.

For PC application:

In case you want to use Omegle in form of app in PC, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website of Omegle from your computer.
  • Now select the version of OS and download the software.
  • Upon completion of download, install the software by opening it.

For website:

If you wish to use in form of website, go further with these steps:

  • Go to the website from any device.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions and log in either as a guest or a user to chat with people.

How To Use Omegle App

Once you have logged in into your account either as a guest or user, you can start chatting with a stranger. To begin a video chat, simply click on the Talk to Stranger Button.

A pop up will rise on your screen asking permission to use mic and camera. Once you allow it, the application will automatically pair you with strangers to communicate.

Omegle Subscription Plans

Omegle is a complete free service. There are no charges. Hence you pay nothing to chat with strangers or any person. All you have to do is, create a new chat room, or join an existing one. To join an existing chat room, you must have its invitation.

After joining, you can chat with people for free. Unlike any other platform, Omegle doesn’t require you to pay any hefty charges to use its services.

Why To choose Omegle?

Omegle doesn’t cost you anything. It is totally free to use, this being said, you can communicate with millions of people from various countries without paying anything. Omegle has some cool features which make sure that you always enjoy using Omegle.

It has an easy to use interface that makes it preferable by everyone. It is reliable. Everytime you login, you are required to pass a verification test which identifies you as a genuine user. This is being done to ensure the users safety. Apart from this, it has some fabulous features on its website which make regular chat a whole lot fun.

Omegle Alternatives

Omegle is no doubt a wonderful platform for random chatting. You can very easily

  • Chatroulette: As the name suggests, ChatRoulette is like a Russian Roulette. The only difference is, here instead of guns, you war with words. The platform pairs you with random strangers to communicate with. And if you don’t want to continue with chat, you can leave the communication by ending the chat. Founded in 2009, it has become a very popular platform amongst the young generation. Plus, it is quite strict with the violators of the policy of the website.
  • Fruzo: Fruzo is yet another online dating website. You can either link your Facebook account to create an account here, or you can simply create a new profile on the website. You can communicate with strangers and be friends with them. Fruzo can be accessed on a smartphone as well which means you never miss any update from anyone.
  • ChatRandom: ChatRandom is one of the major competitors of ChatRoulette. It is another online dating website that pairs you with any person to communicate with. It has various search filters like gender, preferences, more to make sure their users are always satisfied.
  • TinyChat: TinyChat is one of the top trending online dating services present in the market. The platform has a huge user base. It provides you with the option to communicate with another person through either Voice, Texting, or video calling. It is totally free to use.

People Also Ask On Omegle

Is Omegle free to use?

Yes. As discussed, if you wish to use Omegle, do it straight away. It doesn’t require you to pay any money. Simply login as a guest or a registered user and start chatting.

Is Omegle safe?

Yes. Omegle tries everything it can to ensure its users’ safety and data. It prevents robots from accessing the platform by inserting a captcha verification test. If you fail this, you will not be able to use Omegle.

Does Omegle allow video chat?

Yes. Omegle listens to its users and has introduced the video chat feature on their platform. This means, you have the option to talk with strangers either in the form of Text or video chat.

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