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Tinychat – If we speak of now, everything is online. From tasks as simple as buying groceries to the ones as tough as work from home. One can buy almost everything they want from the internet, or avail of any service they want to.

When everything went online, so did the idea of dating. Online dating is not a new thing. People have been into it for as long as the past decade. They meet new people or strangers online and build their communication with them.

There are many platforms in the market that help you with the task. However, not every app or website might meet your needs. Finding the right website is a tough task and to make it easy for you, today we are reviewing TinyChat.


Just like Omegle and ChatStep, TinyChat is another online dating platform. It pairs up a stranger with another and helps them establish a connection between them by being the method of communication. TinyChat Random chat room helps you communicate with other people through either text, audio call or video call.

Hence, you can be as old school as a texter, or you can directly have a voice communication or meet them virtually on your computer screen through the method of video call.

Based in 2009, the company was established in 2009. It has gone through various modifications hence has been one amongst popular. It is available for use throughout the globe. Hence your country is not a limit anymore.

Features Of Tinychat

After getting a short note on TinyChat, let us proceed further to know more about the platform. Well, this is a whole lot different from other dating apps. It has some additional features which make it a popular application. Here are some features of the platform:

  • Live Chat rooms: This is one of the amazing features of TinyChat. Just like Facebook and Instagram, it provides live sessions. But here the live sessions are for online dating. Hence, when you join or use TinyChat, you can get to know about all the live running Chat Room sessions. You can join any and chat with people. Not only this, you can create your own live chat room and invite people to join it.
  • In-app purchases: Yes there are in-app purchases in TinyChat. You may buy the premium membership or upgrade your existing one to earn rewards and coins. These coins can be used to make a purchase on the platform only. You can use this feature to gift another user with a present. The more you send or receive the presents, the more your status on the application increases. This is helpful if you want to start or create your own live chat session. But coins are available for premium users only.
  • Advanced features: TinyChat Group online video Chat lets you connect with anyone across the globe using three methods: Audio call, Video call, Texting. Any of the three can be used to communicate with anyone. Not only this, all these features along with others are power-packed with more luring features. For instance, you can use stickers and gifs to better express yourself.

Latest Features Of Tinychat

  • Meet a large community of people: TinyChat is a free platform and is available for all. The live chat rooms going on are based on various topics. People can join anyone based on their interests. Country limits are no boundary for TinyChat Website users. People across the globe can join the platform and chat. Application is aimed to provide service to people coming under the young generation and beyond that. However, those who come under the age of 13 are not allowed to join.
  • Advanced text chat options: Yes, TinyChat has some cool texting features. At first, you don’t need to be a registered user to text anyone. You can message anyone without registering, I.e without letting out your identity. Secondly, if you wish to send a message to a specific user, all you have to do is, click on their username and send them your message.
  • Use without registering: TinyChat doesn’t require you to register yourself on the website to use their features. All you need to do is, simply open the platform on any of your devices and start browsing. No registration, no commitments. But for a better experience, we will recommend you to register an account for the same. This is because, to use the full features of the website, one must be a registered user. Hence, if you want to make the most out of TinyChat, you should register
  • Easy interface: It follows simplicity. That being said, whatever task you have to perform, whether you want to make a call, or text someone, you can find the link for every task very easily.
  • Compatibility: TinyChat is compatible with all your devices. This being said, you can use TinyChat either on a PC or on a smartphone. However, if you ask us, we would say, the phone version is a better choice. This is because if you use the platform on PC, it becomes a bit difficult and time taking to do any task.
  • Safe and reliable: It is completely safe to use. To protect the young generation, they have restricted users below the age of 13 to enter the arena.

How to install and use TinyChat

After reading all the features, you may think to at least give a try to Tinychat. Well if you do so, we are here to help. We will guide you from scratch, from using the platform for the first time, to sending a message. But to begin with, be seated next to the device you want to use TinyChat on. TinyChat is compatible with both PC and smartphone.

For Smartphone:

  • Open the app store or play store on your device.
  • Now search for TinyChat.
  • Install it and open it.   

For PC

  • There aren’t any tough steps for using TinyChat on PC.
  • Simply go to the website. You are good to go with the next registration steps.

How To Use TinyChat

In case you are a new user, this section will guide you with how to begin using TinyChat for the first time:

  • You don’t require to register yourself on TinyChat to use the platform. But if you want to create an account then we will help you with it.
  • You have two options to register. You can either use your Facebook account or create a new one on the website. For Facebook login, use your login credentials you enter while logging into Facebook.
  • For creating an account, fill in the important details. Enter your username, your bio, etc.
  • Apart from this, you can also link your Facebook and Twitter profiles on TinyChat account. For this, head to the “Services” button.


Steps to message a user on Tinychat are different for both PC and smartphone.

For smartphone:

  • Texting on a smartphone is a lot easier. Just enter the chat room you want to. Now, click on the user you want to message.
  • You will see a messaging icon, click on it and start texting.

For PC

Texting on a PC is a bit complicated. Here are the steps for same:

  • You can send messages to another user in the Google chat room. Click on the arrow.
  • You will be able to see a list of all users present in the chat.
  • Select the user you want to send text to. Now, click on that user.
  • Click on the Message button. After this, write your text and hit send.

Tinychat Subscription Plans

TinyChat Plans comes in both the free and paid version. To use the basic features a user need not pay anything. However, if you wish to use advanced features then you have to buy a subscription. TinyChat allows three types of subscription plans, namely

  • Pro
  • Extreme
  • Gold
Subscription / PlanMonthly ChargeYearly Charge

The features present for various versions are different. Hence we advise you to get the details of each available plan and then buy a subscription.

Why Choose TinyChat

TinyChat is a trending application which makes it the first choice among users. It is safe and easy to use. One can easily send a message, video call, audio call to any user they want. It lets you live to stream your chat room which is a distinct feature.

For registration, a user can use his Facebook login credentials in case you are a lazy one like us. The platform though has the option to let you chat without registering yourself (which helps you keep your identity a secret).

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TinyChat Alternatives

After reading about TinyChat, we are sure, you must have at least once thought about giving it a try. Well, you should. But along with this, there are more other applications like Tinychat which you may want to have a glance at:

  • ChatRad: ChatRad is an online dating service that helps people connect with others. Due to its easy interface, the platform has gained a lot of popularity. One doesn’t need to navigate much to chat.
  • ChatRoulette: This platform works as a Russian Roulette. Yet another dating service, ChatRoulette pairs you up with other people randomly. But this is an adult version of dating websites.
  • Chatmeet: Chatmeet is another online chatting service. It helps users connect with people worldwide and have a conversation with them. You can communicate either through video chat or text chat. One of the best features of Chatmeet is, it lets users of the Chatmeet platform connect with users of another platform like ChatRandom.
  • ChatVille: ChatVille is an online dating service. Using this, you can share images, videos, voice messages. ChatVille lets you chat with another user anonymously which means you can keep your identity hidden. As of now, the platform has millions of users.

People Also Ask On Tinychat

Is TinyChat free to use?

Yes. To use the basic features of TinyChat, you don’t need to buy a membership of the platform. However, to use advanced features, you have to buy a subscription based on your needs.

Is TinyChat safe?

Yes, a safe platform. It keeps regulating its platform on a daily basis through its moderators. This helps them to prevent cyber attacks.

Is TinyChat Compatible?

Yes, used on either a PC or a smartphone. While using TinyChat, you don’t miss any update.

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